Why Purchase a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) For Your Electric Vehicle?

Purchasing an electric vehicle service contract is an important decision.
An electric vehicle service contract helps you cover costly car repairs which takes effect when individual components of the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty has expired. It also covers certain costs not included in the manufacturer’s warranty. A vehicle service contract can cover both new or used cars. As the car ages, the likelihood of needing expensive out-of-pocket repairs increase.
Coverage Options
A VSC generally covers, above and beyond, what a manufacturer's warranty covers. VSCs typically offer options for a consumer to choose which coverages best suit their specific needs. They can cover almost anything a factory warranty covers. These options can include air conditioning, powertrain, steering, braking, suspension, fuel systems, and more.
Peace Of Mind
A well designed VSC provides you with the peace of mind that your electric vehicle, with all of it's advanced technologies, is covered in the event of a breakdown.
Chief Component Coverages
A VSC can expand coverage of key components for an electric vehicle, especially those components that are NOT covered by the manufacturer''s warranty. For example, the high voltage battery is the most important and expensive component to repair or replace in an electric vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

An OZOP Plus vehicle service contract provides you with comprehensive coverage for your electric vehicle giving you the peace of mind for your concerns.
Q2/2022 EV Sales
of The Total U.S.
Auto Sales
Increase From
EV Models Q2/2022
Estimate for 50 +
Models In 2023
  • 1 OZOP Plus Picks Up Where Your Manufacturer's Warranty Leaves Off.
    More years are provided.
    More mileage is provided.
    Rough road conditions are covered.
    Battery environmental control systems are covered.
    Mobile charging is delivered when needed.
  • 2 OZOP Plus Can Properly Dispose of a Damaged Electric Vehicle Battery. Through our network of partners we can properly repair or dispose of an EV battery in an environmentally safe manner.
  • 3 OZOP Plus Uses Renewable Energy Experts. We understand the inner workings of an electric vehicle battery and we have also partnered with other companies in the renewable energy space to offer a unique VSC.
  • 4 OZOP Plus Cares OZOP Plus cares about our planet and the people who live on it. With every VSC purchased, OZOP Plus will donate a percentage of the premium to one of our non-profit partners who are as passionate about helping our world become a better place as we are.

Become an Agent or Dealer

Would You Like to Become a Part of OZOP Plus ?

Are you an automobile agent or dealer eager to expand your current portfolio of products to include protecting owners of electric vehicles? Along with our various comprehensive service contracts, as an OZOP Plus preferred agent or dealer you will have access to our various partners to assist with all of your electrical vehicle needs including battery disposal and repurposing. At OZOP Plus we pride ourselves on our knowledge of renewable energy to assist us in designing and developing the most comprehensive EV VSC in the market today. We can help you design and develop your own marketing strategy as well as provide the necessary training for you and your staff to embrace the new EV VSC market. An OZOP Plus VSC is:
  • Financially Supported By A- rated Insurers
  • Actuarial Premised
  • Regulatory/Compliant Conscious
  • Has Electric Battery Knowledge and Expertise
Agent Information      Dealership Information
As a valued dealer you will have access to some of OZOP Plus' premier vendors. One of our valuable partners, Cirba Solutions , supports our dealers with the removal, transportation, and repurposing of electric vehicle batteries. Cirba Solutions battery drop-off kiosks will be located at dealers to support local community battery and small electronics drop-off. From AAs to cell phones and power tools, these units collect common household battery types and help ensure our neighbors have access to safe and convenient battery recycling. This kiosk can be a great marketing and sales tool for a dealer to highlight their eco-friendly culture as well as a friendly place to drop off environmentally hazardous batteries.

Choose the Best Plan for your
electric vehicle

We offer a variety of comprehensive plans to suit
your personal electric vehicle needs.

Premier Plus EV new

Battery Specific Coverages
  • Up to 6 Years 125k Miles
  • Damage to the battery due to road hazards
  • Battery degradation
  • Battery environmental systems
  • Roadside assistance
  • Plus many other full car coverages

fully charged

Battery Specific Coverages
  • Up to 10 years 150k miles
  • Up-to or Add-on mileage available
  • Damage to the battery due to road hazards
  • Battery degradation
  • Battery environmental systems
  • Roadside assistance
  • Mobile charging in select cities
  • Plus many other full car coverages

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Range anxiety is my number one fear, stranded on empty
    OZOP Plus’ Vehicle Service Contract offers 24 hour roadside assistance with your choice of a traditional tow or a mobile charge (in select cities) with a range of 36 miles.
  • 2. My existing Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover rough road or other damages as the result of potholes.
    OZOP Plus’ vehicle service contract covers the battery damage if, for example, the damage occurred as a result of driving on hazardous pavement (including potholes).
  • 3. How am I going to afford this vehicle service contract?
    Many dealers/lenders include the cost of a VSC for a new or used EV in your financing. OZOP Plus offers direct to a consumer premium financing program at competitive terms.
  • 4. What happens to my old battery if it ever needs replacement?
    OZOP Plus will “RECYCLE” or dismantle the battery adhering to strict EPA guidelines. Through our partner network we can re-purpose your battery in an environmentally safe manner.

We cover virtually all electric vehicles

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