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Comprehensive EV Battery Coverage.

What parts of the battery system are we covering?
The electric battery is a key component on every electric vehicle. The electric battery has many complicated systems that work together to insure that the battery functions at its peak performance.
Electric Battery.
- Including battery degradation and many other performance loss issues.
Battery Environmental Control Systems.
- Critical to the longevity of the battery.
Battery Repair And Replacement
- We can replace the battery or recover the performance to original capacities.
Extended Mileage / Years
- We offer extended mileage and years over most OEM warranties.
Battery Repurpose
- Through recycling we manage the proper handling of an electric vehicle battery.

Future Services

OZOP and our unique blend of partners has designed and patented the Neo-Grid®.

This technology will allow us to include future services such as:

Rewards Program
Earn rewards every time you charge your car using one of our Neo-Grid® charged stations.
Mobile App
To help you keep track of your rewards as well as help you find one of our Neo-Grid® charged stations.
WiFi while you wait
Free WiFi while you charge your car at one of our Neo-Grid® charged stations.
Carbon Footprint Tracker
Keep track of your carbon footprint every time you charge up at one of our Neo-Grid® charged stations.

Your Partner For Risk Mitigation

  • 1. We understand the risk.
    Unlike most insurers, we understand battery technology. Our knowledge of this technology allows us to better assume any and all risks.
  • 2. We Have The Analytics and Actuarial Data.
    Our actuarial data includes OZOP Plus’ knowledge in the electric vehicle battery and utility grade storage systems.
  • 3. We can reinsure your policy.
    OZOP Plus is able to reinsure:
    * Degradation
    * Battery Environmental System.
    * Battery repair and replacement.
  • 4. We Minimize your risk exposure.
    We eliminate the risk and magnitude of the severity related to an EV battery replacement.
  • 5. We properly repurpose the battery.
    In the event of a battery failure, we responsibly recycle and repurpose the battery in an environmentally conscious manner.

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